As a kid, I loved creating pixel images (basically creating an image using one dot at a time) on the computer in my teens and used Paint to draw the world around me. Now in 2021, after using several different graphic programs from Paint Shop Pro to Photoshop, I have finally began to use Illustrator (take a look at me now).

I have been in love with stickers, pens, and stationery for over 25 years. I grew up in awe of the bright and colorful stickers by Lisa Frank and the totally cute creations from Sanrio. I wish I could draw like them, but I can only draw like me. I hope to bring you the same high quality products, but in a style that is just mine.

I love Kawaii things, but I also love bohemian or hippy styles. I love space, bees, dogs, Schitt's Creek, Snow Patrol, reading, video games, and movies. I love the old and the new. I love the unknown like mysterious creatures, things that are fantastic and surprising, and a bit different like astrology. Most of all, I love learning languages and exploring cultures through food.

I am an Aries, a Ravenclaw, a mother, and tall in every country I could ever visit.

All of these things are important to know because they explain why each design first floats around my head like a dream. It explains why I create what I create. I draw who I am.

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