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Hi! I'm Kathryn, the owner & operator of Prism Pear Online Shop. Prism Pear Retail has been in business since 2018 and along the way, I have discovered so many cute and inspiring independent artists.

I have always loved kawaii and creating stickers for my own personal use, so in 2021, I began producing vinyl stickers under my own brand Prism Pear Designs. Recently, I have been studying to make my artwork even better and have been creating products to go along with them. This Lookbook was created to share my current and past styles as well current works available for purchase.

If you'd like to skip the Lookbook, and go straight to the products click the button below, otherwise, keep on scrolling and exploring.

Prism Pear Designs Merch

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A kawaii matte mirror with orange chrome border vinyl sticker featuring a blue game boy style gaming handheld console with pink buttons and an unhappy green cross hair button. The image also has a happy pink star charm with three hearts. The screen features a frog astronaut in space with stars and moon. An original Prism Pear Designs design.
A light blue popsicle sticker with light green swirly eyes, hot pink eye shadow, and light pink rosy cheeks.  The popsicle has a huge kawaii grin on its face.  This glossy vinyl glitter sticker has a glitter border, and two rainbow wavy glitter line details across it's body.  It has a beige stick at the bottom.
A blue and pink macaron cookie digital artwork shaped like a kawaii bear with hot pink, glitter green, and pastel pink heart sprinkle candies decorating it.  The macaron filling is pink glitter.  All of this is printed on a glossy vinyl sticker.  This photo shows a big pile of the sticker on top of a light blue blanket.
This is the original artwork from Prism Pear Designs that inspired the blue and pink kawaii macaron glitter sticker featured in other photos.  This artwork features a blue kawaii bear macaron sitting next to a light tan bunny macaron cookie.  Both are sitting on top of a mushroom cake plate.  There are stars and sparkles in the sky.  Three flowers are on the ground underneath the mushroom and another baby mushroom is also there.