FaceTory 7 Sheet Masks Korean Skincare Birthday Christmas Gift Set - Relaxing, Girl's Night Woah that H2O Glow Baby Glow Sun Bae Let's Talk Detox Oh My Goodness Let's Talk Vitality Ace That Face

7 Days of Masking Korean Beauty Sheet Mask Gift Set

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Get your glow game on by masking once a day!

This pack includes FaceTory's original sheet masks made for all skin types.

Perfect gift item for skincare enthusiasts and beginners. Your skin will be healthy, glowing, and bright!


  1. Woah that H2O
  2. Glow Baby Glow
  3. Sun Bae
  4. Let's Talk Detox
  5. Oh My Goodness
  6. Let's Talk Vitality
  7. Ace That Face