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"Slow Progress Is Still Progress" Risograph To Do List Notepad

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Make each moment count, but don’t over do it with this Slow Progress is Still Progress Risograph Notepad.  There’s no rush when shooting for the stars. 

Your daily checklist should include only seven things to maximize productivity, or at least that's what we heard. With a tendency to overload, MC Pressure has created this small notepad to keep themselves in check; they included a helpful reminder: "slow progress is still progress".

We also use them here at Prism Pear to keep sane when we get overwhelmed by all of our to dos!

  • Fifty Pages
  • 4.25" x 5.5"
  • Risograph Notepad
  • Blue Riso on White Paper

Each notepad sheet may vary slightly from one another.

© M.C. Pressure Made in the USA

This item was featured in our second Life Story box.  The theme was Space.