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Two Mushroom Between Us Vinyl Sticker 3"x3"in

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This is the first Prism Pear Designs vinyl sticker release...ever!  It's also my first pun ever, so that's cool, right?

This sticker is a celebration of my first idea, but will by no means be my last. Celebrate with me by sticking it to things (or people, tee hee) that you love.

It is high quality super gloss vinyl (ooh so smooth). 3 inches in diameter and circular. This item is designed by me, but made in Canada.

Put this sticker of love on your car, laptop, journal, scrapbook, or whatever you want. It is waterproof after all and suitable for use inside or out.

This is a durable, scratch resistant sticker.

Check out @prismpeardesigns to see more that I come up with